Thursday, 26 September 2013

CJ - Concept Development

  • POV of three men living completely different lives.
  • The beginning opens up with the sun rise of the city.. the homeless man is walking round the streets looking for food to eat but resorts to stealing.
  • In the busy rush hour of the morning the homeless man catches eye contact with an average, middle-class man. The camera view jumps into the middle-class mans point of view and the next minute shows the middle-class mans life in his perspective.
  • Dusk comes and on the way back home, once again the middle-class man catches eye contact with a rich, wealthy man. The camera changes to the rich mans POV and the last minute of the song is used to show the life of the wealthy man.
  • All three characters are used to show the difference of rich, middle-class and poor.
  • The end of the sequence shows the rich man walking off into the distance content with his life.

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  1. you need to make this clear that this is the track you have chosen.