Saturday, 21 September 2013

JV - Auteur Analysis

The Chain gang of 1974- Sleepwalking

  • song starts off with a moderate fast tempo to it which continues throughout the song, with the addition of various lyrical sequences which provides a balance between the two. This makes the song not to fast and not to slow at the same time which is ideal considering the genre were looking at needs these characteristics.
  • lyrics are soothing and have an indie aspect to it where the voice isnt to powerful, it is soft
  • sounds saturated which gives a more modern feel to it and would go well with video in which shots are saturated using various software's.

Gold Panda - You

  • starts off very quietly and then has a burst of tempo and is amplified makes it a faster song
  • is quite repetitive so would be ideal for a song which revolves around a lot of establishing shots as there is no need to change the editing as it is similar throughout
  • the varied tempo allows it to change in narrative to perhaps a happy one to a sad one

Youth - Daughter

  • the song is quite slow throughout and so would be more suited to a narrative
  • it is also more lyric based opposed to the other two which gives it more meaning and can use Goodwin's theory of linking the visuals with the lyrics
  • finally, the song is used mainly through real acoustic sounding instruments which gives an authentic feel to it


  1. you need the name of the director

  2. I think if we include part of Goodwin's theory of some sort of link between lyrics and visuals, meta-narrative could be improved, eventhough our music video has a disjunctive narrative