Monday, 23 September 2013

Group - Brighton Review

Where did you go and what were your aims?
  • Went to Brighton and focused mainly around the pier, arcade and the seafront. The main aims was to use these locations to our advantage using the tourist attractions to get creative shots using various different camera angles and shots, this included things such as close ups, long shots, pans etc.
  • Furthermore, by getting this footage we could potential use some of the film in our own music video, also by experimenting with different shots it allowed us to see what shots worked will with what and gave us an insight in the future for taking potential shots.
What did you achieve?
  • By  using varied camera shots and camera angles we were able to collect a lot of footage which incorporates different styles and techniques.
  • It also gave us the experience we need in order to use these camera shots to take to our music video when we make it to re-enact the shots and try again and get the best footage so when it comes down to editing we can produce a really good piece of work
What problems/obsticles did you encounter?
  • We were lucky enough to not encounter many problems however a few factors weren't perfect but where out of our control. The weather was overcast and windy, making steady cam filming very hard to achieve.
  • We also found that the footage looked dull and drained of colour, believing that we would have benefited from a sunny day, giving vibrancy and energy to each shot.
  • With the reccie taking place on a cold day in September, the pier and beach were scarce of people, making it hard to gain interesting footage, adding to the problem of overcast weather.
What did you learn that you can take to your own reccie location?

  • Filming in Brighton made us realise the extensive amount of footage and the multiple camera angles and movements needed to produce a good quality lengthy video. We also discovered the need for numerous random shots in order to produce a disjunctive video.
  • Planning for the Brighton reccie allowed us to film straight away, due to the group knowing exactly what we wanted before we arrived. This gave us more time to gain footage and meant that we didn't film for the sake of it and actually gained some interesting and well thought out shots.
  • We found that filming in an urban location gave us many more opportunities and allowed us to be more creative, than filming in a rural location (wilderness woods).

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