Friday, 27 September 2013

LF: Location Ideas

We are going to shoot in London, which could be very problematic because people may not want to be filmed and it will be difficult to film noone that doesnt want to be filmed. The locations and narrative needs to be exact to connect with the audio and lyrics.

  • Camden area will be our first location when the narrative starts with a poor person, travelling the streets of London. Camden can be a rough area but also is a central and major part of London near the City's major network connection - The London Underground.
  • Camden Town became an important location during the early development of the railways, and represents the industrial and low, working class people.
  • Some parts of Camden are residential, which shows it is the outskirts and more of a suburban area of London.
The next location will be areas that are connected to middle class people more. Such as the houses of parliament, London eye and Cathedrals. These are places the middle class like to visit on a journalistic day out, and they could be shot mostly from a tilt up, or worms eye view to show the towering, London landscape.

The last locations will be the streets of London and lit up areas. This is because as a group we feel like the night life of London represents the upper class becuase you have the casinos and the bars which are all very expensive and would only expect a wealthy man to use. The lights also give a good effect becuase you can play with the lighting. For this part of the video, we will be looking to shoot from birdseye veiw or at eye level, to reinforce the idea that more wealthy people look down on others, in contrast to the poor person at the beginning looking up at London and the surroundings.

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  1. Great information displayed Luke. I think we should think of some other locations too.