Thursday, 24 October 2013

Group - Music Video Shoot

We plan to film mainly during half term as it provides us with a lot of free time in which to film, this also lets us to get a range of different shots like time lapses as we have the freedom to do so.
The dates in which we plan to film are: Monday - 28-10-13 and Thursday 31-10-13, by filming on these dates it will provide us with enough footage to collaborate together for a large chunk of our production.
In terms of cast we are planning to use casts provided by Connor which could be subject to change as we feel if we perform these roles then there would be less verisimilitude and downgrade the quality of our music video. By using someone older then it is easier for them to understand certain directions and acting roles.
Obviously we have to think about certain risks and difficulties that we will face, this will include things such as rain in which the weather conditions will not be the best on the day but our similar which is needed for continuity; certain precautions we will have to take is protecting the equipment during filming by filming under shelter be it a building or an umbrella.

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