Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LF: Treatment

  • The music video is going to start with a deprived poor citizen of London, waking up shot in a sequence of close ups and birds eye view.
  • He walks out the house into the Camden area which is seen as run down and not very classy. There will be a variety of shots that reinforces the idea he is poor; such as worms-eye and tilt up. There will also be establishing shots of London's landscape. We will have POV shots of the deprived citizen walking through the market, with the large crowds just walking by and not taking notice of him.
  • Then there will be a crowd shot and he will make eye contact with someone that is of a higher class than himself. Over the shoulder shots, POV and Tracking shots will be used to switch character then the new character will take us through the motions of being a middle class citizen.
  • Still shooting in the day, there will be establishing shots, worms-eye view, tracking, POV, and canted angles looking up at the towering building structures. We will be hoping to capture the famous places of London throughout the duration the middle class citizen is in frame.
  • The next change will be between the middle class and upper class citizens. This will take place in a restaurant, when the middle classs person is sitting down and a POV tracking shot of the upper class person walking in stimulates the change. This change over will be shot at dusk.
  • The upper class citizen will be shot at night, with some sped up shots of the traffic and lights.
  • The citizen will go to the rich parts such as Chelsea and Kensington, and enter posh bars and casinos etc.
  • The last few moments of the track are slow tempo and we have decided to shoot the wealthy citizen driving a sophisticated, expensive car through the streets of upper class London shot in slow motion, and have the lights blurred across the scene. This gives the audience a chance to realise that the upper class person has been successful and is now enjoying the high life.
  • The swap between the three citizens represent the different classes in life. The idea is very disjunctive to the music, lyrics and audio, but there is a narrative which the audience can understand and the message delivered can be interpreted in different ways.

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  1. Interesting ideas, are you going to present a kind of moral of the story ending or is it merely a series of fragments of 21st century Britain?