Monday, 21 October 2013

JV - Concept Development, Itininerary

The following route in which we are taking to London will allow us to cover enough vast space to look at a lot of popular monuments and areas which are easily recognised and appeal to a larger audience.
Furthermore, the different areas and locations means the shots in which they are angled and framed in are varied for example, walking down to Westminster Abbey towards Big Ben and the London Eye will be good for over the shoulder shots and longshots into the distance however going to places like SOHO  and Chinatown can provide a lot of close ups from the different markets and shops that are there.
In order to create verisimilitude and continuity, the days in which we go must have similar weather conditions, preferably on a day in which there is no rain which causes a lot of problems in terms of risk assessments but on a cloudy day which truly reflects the usual conditions in the UK and especially London.

As seen above this is the plan for the day in terms of where we are going which provides an easy to follow route which is convenient and provides many different places which are on the way such as St James' park and the Mall which are directly next to each other on the way to Buckingham Palace.

Shot ideas;
Long shot with monument in background
Tracking shots
Close ups, street performances, market stalls/stands - Camden Market

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