Sunday, 13 October 2013

Group: Pitch

Feedback: Class Presentation

  • When presenting the pitch to the class one response was to go to the location and get some shots and a location reccie that will determine whether the location is suitable to film or not.
  • We need to make it clear to the audience that there is a clear difference in the two narratives and we need to make sure the audience understand that.
  • Is the track to long and will we have enough footage to fill the 4.14 minutes that our track is?
  • Will we be able to find an actor in time to start filming?
  • Getting up to London early enough to catch the sunset in the right location is going to be a difficulty
  • The class suggested that we need to have an idea of what we want to include on the advertising side of the project. What image? What font?
  • The teacher asked if we know enough about post production effects to create the two different saturations of the narratives.

  • Go to London in the next few days to capture some shot ideas and some footage.
  • Learn about after effects with a media teacher to understand the different effects you can achieve in the software.
  • We may need to cut the track down a little bit. There is about a 1 minute repetitive part of the track which wouldnt hurt being cut.
  • We need to find the right actors - a couple that are together in a serious relationship and a bit older than ourselves to make the video more authentic and realistic.
  • We need to know exactly where we are going to go in London so we are going top get a map and circle the different locations we want to shoot at so time is used effeciently.

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