Friday, 29 November 2013

CJ - Concept Development

  • With 2/3 of the footage edited and only a small scene to film, the video is coming along nicely. We aim to have the rest of the footage tomorrow, giving us a week to finish editing and sort out any problems and weak areas.
  • Print work is a working progress, with the group still deciding on the final image for the digipak and advertisement. Jordan has produced a few nice pieces of print in which we will be choosing from.
  • During tomorrow's shoot we want to take some stills in which we can use for the final print work. The images will show the emotion of the main character and relate to the narrative within the video.
Concept Update:
  •   After reviewing the current narrative with both teachers, we have come to the conclusion that we should change the structure, however use the same footage.
  • The video will be sandwiched between clips of two boys standing over the grave of a lost friend.
  • The beginning scene of the graveyard will fade into a brighter scene of a sun rising. This will be a flashback of the boys, looking back on their memories they had with their lost friend.
  • The majority of the narrative will be the boys in London, bowling and other locations in which they had many happy memories.
  • At the end of the flashback, the boys will be in the car, where they will find out the news. 
  • The flashbacks will fade back to the present tense, where the boys turn and walk away from the grave.

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