Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Group: Campaign - band image

  • The brief was to set out and produce a music video for any genre that we chose, which included making a digipak and an advertisement post in a magazine.
  • We have set out to  create  a cohesive band image to promote the album through advertising in well acclaimed music magazines such a OHM  which focuses on dance, electronic and house music which would focus on a target audience, which included a 1 page advertisement.
  • By using visual motifs which link to our genre and category it reinforce the idea in which we try to portray by giving implicit references to the location (London). The leading line on the advertisement focused on London as it is such a monumental and interesting area in which there is so much depth into what the image could be.
  • The digipak also has enigma codes implemented into it with the use of overlapping image including a graveyard which is an implicit reference the narrative which doesn't give the storyline away.
  • The front, back and inside cover are pictures of the London skyline featuring London eye at night and Big Ben at Westminster abbey.
  • Both texts link to the video through the location with particular reference to London, also the digipak titled 'At your touch' has the main characters hands together in a heart, representing a direct correlation between the two.
  • In terms of Dyers theory, the star is not present and doesn't break the fourth wall which adds a sense of mystery.

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