Thursday, 21 November 2013

LF: Penshurst Cemetery Shoot

On Monday 18th November, we went to Penshurst Cemetery to film the final scene of our production. We tried to capture some out of focus shots with mise en scene including the graveyard and the gravestone of John. The included a panning shot, and mid-shot of Jordan and Connor. looking down at the grave then a handi-cam shot of the two boys walking away when it should really be a tripod shot.
We encountered a few problems when looking back at the footage.
We may need to re-shoot this scene because the fact that it is all out of focus doesn't really make sense and we cannot see any NVC of the two boys as their friend has just passed away. We also need to consider the framing of the shot, because the shot before will be john lying on his bed. so we want to incorporate his position in his bedroom, to his position in his grave. We have the friends present in the scene to give a more emotional feeling, as if they were absent it would feel like john was forgotten.

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