Friday, 15 November 2013

Group: Concept Development

We have decided to change the concept of our media text. The narrative is as follows:
  • Starts with John, the main character walking out of hospital and telling his friends he has cancer. This is shot in a serious of close-ups with ambient sound but no soundtrack as yet.
  • Then the music 'Joe Hertz - At your Touch' slowly starts to come in with a time lapse of the sunrise.
  • The boys then start there trip to London with establishing shots of the train, looking out the window, and them arriving at Charring Cross station.
  • For the next couple of minutes of the song, the group of boys travel round London visiting the major landmarks and famous places. Tracking shots, POV, worms-eye, panning, mid-shots, long-shots, establishing shots and a vast amount of close-ups are used to show the boys touring the sites of London.
  • Throughout the narrative, John gets flashbacks of when he was a young boy, stimulated by scenes in the present narrative, (i.e. using a toy gun, or bowling).
  • Then there is a time lapse of the sunset, behind the Houses of parliament.
  • The 4 boys then continue to go round London at night. A lot of, shallow, deep and pull focus is used, to capture the lighting and mise en scene of the locations.
  • The text ends with John on his bed with his friends around him, then a dip to black, then a cross cut to a cemetery where his friends are in suits standing over his grave.

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