Wednesday, 13 November 2013

CJ - Project Update

  • Today we decided on the final ideas for our video, detailing everything we wanted to see within the narrative and how we were going to achieve it.
  • We decided the story would about a young man's journey into the pain and fight of cancer, cherishing his last moments and reflecting on the past.
  • The video includes the introduction which will be a small prelude of the character breaking the news to his friends that he has cancer. We also need to shoot the ending of the video showing the character lying on his bed reflecting on his life and coming to grips that his future is no more. After this there will be a scene of his 3 mates standing over the grave of the character, showing a sudden death of the character and ending the story once and for all.
  • We plan on shooting the introduction tonight at 19:00 in the local hospital car park (Pembury). This will involve the character walking towards the car in which all his mates will be waiting in. The young man gets in, closes the door and breaks the news to his mates showing the pure shock and heartbreak between all the close friends.
  • Throughout the sequence we wish to show the characters earlier life as a child, flashbacks to the times he was happy and thought he had a whole future ahead of him. By doing this we believe it will pose a stronger message to the audience, making the narrative seem more chilling and cold, reinforcing the idea that a young man's life is coming to an end.
  • Print work is coming on nicely, with the group close to achieving a finished plan for the digipak and currently working on the images to match our ideas. The digipak will incorporate stills we took when shooting in London and will be layered with images of the young man's grave for the front cover.

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