Thursday, 14 November 2013

LF: Editing Post

We have started editing the footage. I have taken on lead editor in the group with great ideas coming in from the other members. I believe having three minds over the screen at once can improve the creativity we can achieve making the final product a lot better.

We have ordered the footage in the following way;
'A' in front of all the A grade footage we have
'F' in front of filler shots we could use
and left an 'M' in front of footage that we aren't sure on but don't want to delete.
We have not deleted any footage because you never know if you will ever need footage that you may not think is appropriate when later in time you realise you could have used.

So far, I have just entered the footage in order on the timeline, to give us an idea of the length the footage gives us. At the moment I am editing a prelude to the music video, where the main character reveals to his social group he has cancer. The music then fades in at the end of this scene.
I have also dragged the time lapses onto the timeline, and altered the 'time stretch' tool to 6000% to speed up the footage greatly.

During the next stages of editing, I want to start the footage of London where we see the group of boys travelling around the city. I want to include character exposition by introducing close ups of john nearing the end of the sequence. The continuity of the piece is vital, we have footage of the day and footage of the night, so the time lapse of the sunset will be situated between these two sections. As the track is quite fast, the cutting rate of this has to be supporting the sound, and the cuts in the sequence need to be matched with the tracks tempo and dynamics.

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