Monday, 18 November 2013

JV - Digipak Development

The front cover of the digipak is two translucent images overlapping each other by altering the opacity which incorporates two images, the first one, the main characters hands in the shape of a heart which relates to the main title, 'At your touch', alongside this is a still of a graveyard which is an enigmatic code implemented into the digipak which shows the main characters fate.
As we filmed in London we are using a shot of the London eye as the inside cover which as a monumental tourist attraction, it provides enough space in which an interesting image can be used and also enough to input image, however, the picture next to it which is cut from the picture of the London eye, which the CD will be placed has enough space above it of the sky during the night in which it does not conflict with the CD.
Finally, the back cover is also another reference to London but provide place on the left hand side to coincide with Big Ben to write the song names for the album.
Through the use of research and development we have designed a digipak which is cohesive and is relatable to the narrative and the star.
The use of a visual motif of a graveyard which is an enigmatic code implemented into the digipak shows the main characters fate.
The leading line of the digipak is the heart symbol made out of the hand which provides a juxtaposition which gives the idea of story which has  a positive theme and ending to it but as you look closer the graveyard disproves that.

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  1. This needs to be a series of bullet points and is not how you were asked to do the task. It was supposed to show all the print so far from each group member.