Monday, 2 December 2013

CJ - Print Development

  • In todays lesson i came up with 4 ideas for the A4 magazine advertisement. Two of the ideas use the same basic template however depict different ideas about the protagonist shown.
  • The first print shown below, shows the use of negative colours being used to distinguish font. The harsh contrast of colours is powerful to look at, building on the overall idea of pain and suffering to the protagonist within the video.
  • The second print idea poses the same idea as the previous design, however incorporates colour, giving the image warmth and making it more consumable for the audience.
  • The use of colour in the image allows the audience to relate to the protagonist and makes them seem more human. The use of black and white is often used in bad and crime related genres due to its harsh tones. However following the same high contrast idea, yet adding colour means that the individual shown comes across much friendlier.
  • The print below shows a different angle of the protagonist. An image adjusting affect on Adobe Photoshop CS3 named threshold is used along side another affect, gradient map used on a separate layer. Opacity is used to adjust the amount of colour and shadow within the image.
  • The use of a powerful image showing the protagonist to be thinking however no clues as to what he is thinking, stimulates the audiences imagination.


  1. good work Connor, I am assuming the images are on their way?

  2. I think the last two are particularly effective - how could you use this style on the digipak?