Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rough cut feedback

Boys I am not able to give feedback and grade your film as it is not here. Print work is showing a cohesive band image but is undeveloped at this stage. I want to see a development post from each of you every day next week showing progression of your print work with detailed comments and screenshota and arrows drawn in with techniques shown in Photoshop. Otherwise boys you will struggle to get a level four for planning. My suggestion for the print is more shots of you all together for the front cover and the boy who dies on the back cover. The middle two panes could be a panorama of london with you all doing something... Blog is currently a level three as it is a bit brief in places and lacks some images and multimedia content. Additional to the print posts, you all need to edit and post at least one a day with screenshot from Premiere showing development of skills and techniques in your music video.

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