Wednesday, 4 December 2013

LF: Reaction Scene

On Friday 29th of November, we went out to shoot our final piece of footage we needed. This is a scene where the boys are all together and they are looking back on johns life, through old photos and their reactions to the news they have heard.
We used many different camera techniques including;
  • Deep and shallow focus
  • Establishing shots
  • Panning shots
  • Close Ups
We encountered a few problems such as lighting and the effect that had with the camera, it was at night so the inside lighting did look very orangey yellow, which disturbs any post production effects we may include. I have included a time stretch tool which has made the footage 25% of the pace, and a black and white effect to show it is not in the present narrative.

The scene has been re-edited to make it look a lot better.
Post production effects:
The black and white effect drowned out a few colours, making the blacks look grey and the whites a lighter grey. Therefore we have added an affect called colour graduation (RGB) which allows you to change the colours of red, green and black. By increasing all three colours more red and green, the picture became sharper and the difference between the two colours was a lot more obvious. 

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  1. Nice work Luke, this was a successful shoot - i quite like the sepia tint although I think it could be turned down a bit but your selection of shots, cutting and reordering on the second version looks good. Will be interesting to see how the slo mo works with the rest of the video it certainly seems to work