Thursday, 5 December 2013

LF: Editing Post

  • Our last scene involves the reactions of the boys after hearing the news and the graveyard scene where some of the boys go to see his grave.
  • The popped up icon on the screen in the picture above shows the time stretch tool that enables you to either produce a slow motion clip, or to create some sort of time lapse. In this scenario, it is all in slow motion to allow the audience to connect with the NVC and the emotions of the boys.
  • The audio is matched with the visuals continuing the good continuity throughout the whole piece.
  • The cutting rate is a lot slower in this scene which lets the relationship between the audience and the character get stronger.
  • We have tried to create verisimilitude by varying the emotions and reactions of the boys.
  • All the time stretch's are set at 25% so it is 4 times as slow and real life.

Here is the timeline as it looks at the moment. The track doesn't start until the present narrative begins, as there is a prelude of the boys and john at the hospital, as john receives the news, where we have ambient and diegetic sound to anchor the visuals. The track enters with the time lapse of the sunrise. We have had to cut down the track, from 4.14 to roughly 3.30, but we have cut it at a slow tempo and quiet part of the song so it doesn't seem like an unrealistic ending to a song. Also the soundtrack slowly lowers in volume at the end, to end the song in a melancholy way, which reinforces the visuals of the layered footage of john breaking the fourth wall, on top of the boys walking away from the grave.

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