Monday, 2 December 2013

CJ: Rough Cut Feedback

The group had to re-edit all footage back on to another timeline, due to the footage loosing its High Definition, therefore we only had 1 min 30 seconds to show the class. As such we have decided to re-schedule another rough cut for friday, gaining some better feedback on a longer piece of our work.
  • Ms.Johnson believed that we should cut down our opening scene due to it being too long and tedious. On the other hand the last scene of the hospital is said to be too short and should be extended to add tension.
  • The class really enjoyed the editing of the footage believing that the shot lengths matched audio and anchored the visuals well.
  • The pan at the beginning of the scene was said to be slightly jolty and should be improved by having a smoother pan. Otherwise, it was suggested that we cut out the middle of the pan.
  • Good variety of shots including multiple shot distances, camera angles and camera movements.
  • Two characters where shown to break the 4th wall throughout the short sequence shown, therefore this should be kept as a theme throughout the video becoming a visual motif.
  • A big point was the fact most people did not understand the narrative as it is a load of disjunctive shots of London. We are therefore introducing a scene where the boys look through multiple pictures of john that improve the narrative and portray a darker and a more sad mood.

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  1. Boys I am a little confused about which rough cut is which, this latest one hasnt exported all of the timeline. I do like the hospital bit at the beginning and the way it goes into the track. I think the track should start to kick in after he says I have something to tell you and then just the visuals of you in the car...I like your new stuff you shot at the weekend, you need to put a post about that up too with your best two clips. Jordan, where is your print stuff, and Luke you need a print post also...