Monday, 9 December 2013

LF: Print Work

This is my first print design which has the name of the artist and title of the song prominent in the advert. The layered shot behind reveals the three boys in London together showing a loving friendship and a close relationship. This reinforces the narrative in the video, where we see the boys having fun. The contrast of the image has been improved to depict the sharp colours and create a happy mood.

This toolbar shows the different layers in which I have used to create the images. In the adverts like the one above and the advert where the title and artist is on the skyline, every letter is used on a different layer. This enables me to fit in all the letters individually to make the most of the space and make it look symmetrical.

The bottom two layers involve the two images used with 50% opacity, so there is a sense of layering in which you can see the group of boys and the NVC of john, the boy who has a terminal illness.

This advert to the left carries the same effect of the layering and the individual letters but is also shows the NVC of john a lot more clearer. The skyline is one which is symbolic to London which relates to the video and the layered image represents John looking down on his last day spent in London.


This advert recognises the recording studio the artist Joe Hertz uses for this song. The image is a still from the video so the character is present in the advert and music video, bringing forward the campaign and image of the track. There is many signifiers in the image, such as the hat and glasses which signify embarrassment and sympathy and that the ill boy is trying to hide his face because he doesn't like who he is or what has happened to him. Also the fact he is looking down connotes the mood of sadness.

My final advert design is a development of the last, now including the title of the song which is very important and the recording studio symbol has been made smaller as it is not a design that needs to be central to the advert. I have included a review of the artist which reads 'Making his breakthrough album - New upcoming artist Joe Hertz' which will catch the eye of the audience and influence their decision to purchase the music.

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