Thursday, 12 December 2013

Group: Audience Research Plan

Survey Monkey:
To get as much feedback and to receive the high validity in our audience research, we are going to create a questionnaire on 'Survey Monkey' which has a variety of open and closed questions, starting with closed and ending with open. This will give us qualitative and quantitative data to gain the most feedback as possible. We will send this out via the social networking site Facebook, which will give us feedback of the target audience of young and adolescent people, which are the generations most related to the genre of the track.

Focused Group:
We are also going to carry out a focused group audience research where we will get a small group of friends who will watch the video, and relating to some questions that have been produced, answer them to the camera. This will give us more control over the demographics and give us a chance to choose the correct audience in order to receive the highest quality feedback from the target audience.

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