Tuesday, 3 December 2013

JV - Digipak Development

 This is the original background image that is being used which shows the emotions of the main character.
Whilst reminiscing about his past by looking through the photos of him as a child, he has hit the realisation that he potentially has a short time to live and needs to comfort of his friends.

The second overlapping image is an enigmatic picture as it gives the audience an insight to what happens in the narrative.
The shot involves two friends going to a cemetery and visiting his grave after he has passed away from cancer.

The first layer has its opacity changed to 40%  so that both images are visible and has been darkened so that it is more prevalent that they are standing at the cemetery
The placement of Johns face in which the two friends are looking directly at, at the placement of his grave shows us his fate.

The final piece is the effects added onto it is black and white which has a direct link to the visuals, in which black and white is used. By altering the brightness and the contrast it gives off a more effective image for someone who has passed away.

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