Monday, 2 December 2013

Group: Rough Cut


This is our first rough cut.
The sequence involves the opening scene of the Hospital, the time lapse of the sunrise followed by London shots of the boys having fun in London.
  • some of the editing techniques involve; time lapse, audio anchored with visuals, steady cutting rate and continuity of the narrative.
  • over the next few days were are hoping to get all of our footage so we can cross cut to the scene of johns friends being told about the news.
  • The class have said that the shots techniques are good, and the editing is great, but the concept of the text needs to be developed with more understanding of why the boys are doing going to London.
Ideas on what we could do to improve:

  • We could have the opening scene of the graveyard as suggested by a teacher, to give the piece narrative fuzz, and create enigma codes as to what will happen next, which will be answered as the film proceeds.
  • Need more close ups and NVC shots of john to show the emotion and mood he is currently in. This also makes character exposition and builds a relationship between the character and the audience.

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